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Jennie Mordaunt is the Community School Coordinator.  She is fluent in Spanish and has worked at Farmdale since 2008.  Her son was a student in the Dual Language Program at Farmdale. Her job is to support us in becoming a strong Community School that serves the needs of El Sereno, our parents, our students and staff.  Call her at 323/393-0241 with any questions or via e-mail at

  Jennie Mordaunt Community School Coordinator
Jennie Mordaunt, Comm. School Coord.
Jennie Mordaunt, Community School Coord. 

Community School Events:

- Plant/seed giveaway on July 10, 2020

- Community School Kick Off:  February 11, 2020  100th Day of School


Zoom meetings are held with parents every Wednesday at   1 p.m. and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for 1 hour.  Meetings are hosted by Ms. Mordaunt to discuss different aspects of Community Schools such as  survey results, current community needs, getting parent input and other areas of the community school process.  Join us!  Attend a meeting by clicking on the flyer. 

What is a Community School?

Farmdale Elementary School Building a Community From the Ground Up
Escuela Primaria Farmdale construyendo una comunidad desde cero

The graphic below shows some of the programs a Community School could offer.  Each Community School is unique in the services it provides because it is based on input and data from parents, students, staff and community.  

Community School Flyer

Want to learn more about how Community Schools serve the unique needs of each of their communities? 

Click on the video links below.

Community School Logo

Community Schools are public schools that partner with families and community organizations to provide well-rounded educational  opportunities and supports for students' school success.

Community School Tenets