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School's Report Card

The School Report Card (SRC) for 2015 - 2016 school year is now available and has been sent to all parents, guardians and caregivers of Farmdale Student. The SRC is based on data pulled from test results and based on responses by parents and teachers who completed and returned the survey sent out in January. According to the LAUSD website:

"The School Report Card (SRC) is a document published each year (since January 2009) by the Los Angeles Unified School District in collaboration with various community‐based organizations and foundations, summarizing performance for each one of over 600 individual schools. Each SRC summarizes data about the individual school for a particular academic year in a format designed for the typical LAUSD parent. The SRC represents the district’s initiative to create a culture of accountability and transparency about its schools’ performance and growth in areas of student learning as well as the context in which learning takes place."
You can view the SRC below:

2015/2016 Report Card
2015/2016 Report Card